There are several advantages to using a design-build approach to a restoration project. The main benefit is that any discrepancies and questions get worked out between the partners without the typical change-order process. This limits additional client costs from both the engineering firms as well as the contracting firms. If the team works together, there are many ways to keep the project on or under budget. With restoration work, there are many unknowns that get uncovered from buried electrical systems to advanced corrosion. Read More

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“They have a good reputation and they didn’t disappoint. They came through with flying colors.”

Derek Bishop

Maintenance Supervisor

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Clayton, MO 63105
Facade Restoration

We have over 60 years in the concrete industry. This depth of experience gives us the ability to assess, address, and resolve your needs with the right answers, the right tools, and the right people!

At Vee-Jay Restoration, your customers are our customers. We take the utmost care to protect your property and the property of your customers. By using 'triple barrier protection,' we can help ensure that our project area is 'dust-free'!

We take pride in our safety measures, ensuring that we meet and/or exceed OSHA requirements. The safety of our employees, customers, and our customers' property are of the utmost importance to us.